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  • Hi gurus. I am very much a newbie to building an ecommerce site. I am an accomplished css designer, using dreamweaver, I can place, move about, layer etc on what is best described as a static page, but when it comes to action css I’m like a fish out of water.

    My client asked for the ability to sell his products on line, so I chose Word Press as the tool to do this. I then chose a theme called Mio. The primary reason is because they are both free. Anyways, now that I have the basic site ready for refinements, I find the “Add to Cart” button only appears on the products page when in “Grid View”. When you switch to “List View” and if you click on the product and go to the individual product page, there is no “Add to Cart” Button.

    I would like visitors to the site to be able to “Add to Cart” from all these pages. How would I achieve this?

    I have read through some answers to similar questions, but I got a tell you, when I look at the coding, my eyes glass over and the link to my brain is severed.

    The site is here (although not yet live, so keep this link to yourselves):

    My other issue is the “Latest Blog Post” at the bottom of the pages. As this is NOT a blogging site, can this be removed from all pages altogether?

    Any answers that relate to changing coding, please use the ‘KIS’ concept (Keep it simple). <I dropped the second ‘S’ on purpose, cause you guys are anything but>.

    Thanks guys & gals

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  • These forums only support themes from the repository on this site – so you’ll need to contact the developer with any questions about how that theme works.

    Alternatively, pick a theme that’s supported here so that we can assist you.

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