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    Hi @housedelafunk

    It’s possible those are the default “Add To Cart” buttons from WooCommerce, but given another look by the theme or a plugin.

    Can you share a link to a page where these buttons appear? That way, we might be able to see where they’re coming from.

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    The thing here is that this store is not out for the public but for specific customers, so they have username and password to access. And I can’t share those, company politics.

    I am having an issue with this button.

    I have variable products. Customers can’t add one of these variable items to their cart if they don’t pick the possible options first.

    For example, they can’t add a shirt to their cart without selecting first color and size……

    But when they click on this button, it adds directly the item to the cart ignoring the possible variations.

    So I need to check what’s the error on this button or just get rid of it.

    Any ideas???

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    Hi @housedelafunk,

    Without able to physically see the button in action we are limited in what we can do, It sounds like however the button itself that needs to be removed is the one on the Category or Shop page, not necessarily the Product page button. if that is the case, to do this you can go to this link and follow the steps provided in the thread.

    Again, this removes the Add to Cart button from the Shop/Category pages (not the product page) so if this is incorrect let us know by showing an example screenshot or something else of the page in question.


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    I fixed it just by disabling “Enable AJAX add to cart buttons on archives” on WooCommerce / Settings / Products.

    I am not sure what this option does but I still have the button operating on my website. And if I want to add a variable item to my cart and click on this button, it takes me to the product page where I have to select the possible variations.

    I found this solution in one of the forums.

    Thanks a lot for your time and will to help.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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