• I have been looking for a plugin like this and wow this looks exactly what I need. But I have a problem. When activating many (not all) of my produkt don’t have the Add to basket Button any more. I have tried to disable a lot of plugin but I can’t get this to work. The strange thing is that it works on many product, simple and variable products, and don’t work on other. Any one have the same problem ?


    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Hi Brede,

    Did you tried to disable offers for woo plugin and see if the button started to appear?

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    All workes ok after disable and uninstalling the plugin


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    @brede, I’m confused. Are you saying you just removed it altogether, or are you saying you re-installed it and now things are working fine?

    I think some of your confusion could be because you can enable/disable offers at the product level, so maybe some of your products did not have offers enabled. There is a bulk update tool under Settings -> Offers for WooCommerce -> Tools so you can easily update this for multiple products at once.

    We’re sorry that you’re having trouble – I think that we can help. There appears to be a conflict between the plugins and/or themes that you have installed, as we’ve not received reports of this issue from other users/customers. Additionally, we attempted to reproduce this issue using our testing environment and things are working as expected. Please try the following debug steps:

    1. Check your site’s PHP version and make sure that it is 5.6 or above
    2. Disable all plugins with the exception of WooCommerce and offers for WooCommerce, and determine whether or not the issue is still occurring
    3. Re-enable additional plugins one by one, testing after each add-on is enabled, in order to find the culprit

    If, after disabling all additional plugins, you are still seeing the same issue, then switch to basic twenty theme with both WooCommerce and Offers for WooCommerce enabled and then check once again.

    Please follow these steps and let us know your results.

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    angelleyesupport Thanks for the great support but please lose the signature. That’s prohibited in these forums as it’s been horribly abused in the past by others.

    Yes, bad people ruin it for others. Please refrain from that.


    Hi Jan,

    Yeah, Just saw that my automation software have that added automatically, I have just removed those signature from the canned responses , it it wont happen again.

    Thanks again 🙂

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