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    HI, with your plugin can I add the an Last Updated timestamp information to an MP3 link or under the link. We often replace files that are “link to media file” links. Each time the file is overwritten with a new file I need the last updated to appear under links.

    Can I do that?
    Thank you

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  • Plugin Author David Lingren


    Thanks for your question. You don’t include any information on how the links are generated, so my answer may not be helpful.

    If your links are generated by the [mla_gallery] shortcode, you can add anything you like to the information that’s displayed. For example, you can use mla_caption for something like this:

    [mla_gallery post_mime_type=audio post_parent=all mla_caption="{+template:({+post_excerpt+} updated: {+post_modified+})+}"]

    You could also create a Custom Markup Template for more elaborate formatting of each item’s content.

    If you are not using [mla_gallery] to generate the links then any additional details you can provide will help me give you more specific guidance.

    I will leave this topic unresolved until I hear back from you. Thanks for your interest in the plugin.

    Hi, I installed the plugin and tried the shortcodes adding in an audio’s ID number 19334.

    [mla_gallery post_mime_type=audio post_parent=all mla_caption="{+template:({+post_excerpt+} updated: {+post_modified+})+}" id=ID19334]

    But it gave me a long list of audio files with no timestamp. What I need is a list like this: It doesn’t have to be a shortcodes for a list. I can make shortcodes for each news file separately.

    File Link: News001.mp3
    Last Updated:Fri Jun 14, 2020 05:20:13 pm

    File Link: News002.mp3
    Last Updated:Fri Jun 7, 2020 05:20:13 pm

    File Link: News003.mp3
    Last Updated:Fri Jun 16, 2020 05:20:13 pm

    What happens is once the news is put in a page, it isn’t update. The audio files are changed out nearly daily by the farm new reporters using an overwrite media plugin. These are stock news report they have to put in quickly but upload to wordpress media library or ftp depending on the reporter. Then the timestamp needs to update so the people downloading the reports for their radio station can see the file has been updated.
    Anyways, I need to understand your shortcodes better. Can you please advice.
    Thank you very much for your time

    Plugin Author David Lingren


    Thanks for your update with the additional information; very helpful.

    To compose a gallery from one or more item ID values, use the ids= parameter. Regarding the empty captions, I suspect that your audio file items do not have a value in the Caption (post_excerpt) field. The parentheses in the Content Template will suppress any items with missing values. You can try something like:

    [mla_gallery post_mime_type=audio link=file mla_caption="{+template:({+post_excerpt+} )Last Updated: {+post_modified+}+}" ids=19334]

    You should see the Title of the specific item displayed as a hyperlink with the date displayed below. The link=file parameter makes the file the destination of the link.

    To get closer to the examples you gave we can make some changes:

    [mla_gallery post_mime_type=audio link=file mla_caption="{+template:File Link: {+file_name+}<br />Last Updated: {+post_modified,date('D, M d, Y h:i:s a')+}+}" ids=19334]

    If you want to suppress the item Title and make the file name a hyperlink:

    [mla_gallery columns=2 post_mime_type=audio link=file mla_link_text="File Link: {+file_name+}" mla_caption="Last Updated: {+post_modified,date('D, M d, Y h:i:s a')+}" ids=19334]

    I hope the above examples are helpful. For more complete control over the display content and styles you can use Custom Style and Markup Templates. You can find all the information you need in the Settings/Media Library Assistant Documentation tab.

    I am marking this topic resolved, but please update it if you have problems or further questions regarding the above suggestions.

    I’m really close to hunting you done and giving you a huge kiss and hug!!! But I have one more question. Due to the overwrite plugin there is an issue with ID numbers. Can I use these codes but have the ID be all files in a media folder?

    [mla_gallery post_mime_type=audio link=file mla_caption="{+template:({+post_excerpt+} )Last Updated: {+post_modified+}+}" ids=19334]

    Thank you so much for your time

    Plugin Author David Lingren


    Thanks for the positive feedback and for the follow-up question.

    I am not sure which “overwrite media plugin” you are using and how it works, and not sure what you mean by “all files in a media folder“. WordPress stores uploaded files in one of two ways: 1) the uploads directory or 2) subdirectories by year and month of the upload. However, I can offer you a couple of ideas that might be helpful.

    MLA extends taxonomy support to Media Library items and provides two custom taxonomies, Att. Categories and Att. Tags for your convenience. If you could assign a specific term to “all files in a media folder” you could replace the ids= parameter with a taxonomy search, e.g.:

    [mla_gallery post_mime_type=audio link=file mla_caption="{+template:({+post_excerpt+} )Last Updated: {+post_modified+}+}" attachment_tag=corn]

    If that’s not appropriate you could use a WordPress custom field in a similar fashion.

    If you are using one of the plugins that simulates a folder structure for Media Library items it may be possible to construct a folder-based search, but it depends on how the plugin stores “folder” assignments. I haven’t had much luck with these plugins.

    Let me know if you have problems or further questions regarding the above suggestions.

    Thanks you for all your help. I’m going to step away from this project for the weekend. See if I can see what to do more clearly on Monday. BTW: The overwrite plugin is

    Plugin Author David Lingren


    Thanks for the link to “Overwrite Uploads”. I installed a copy and ran some quick tests.

    On my system, each time a replacement file is uploaded the plugin deletes the old Media Library item the file was attached to and creates a new Media Library item from scratch. As you observed, this changes the ID value assigned to the item. On my system, it also means that any changes made to fields like ALT Text or Caption are lost, as are any assignments to taxonomy terms!

    This is bad behavior, in my opinion, and I personally would not use this plugin under any circumstances. I would be interested if your experience is different.

    You might consider Enable Media Replace, as discussed in these earlier topics:

    Overwrite Existing File

    Good luck with your application.

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