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  • I have seen some one ask if you could add the like/dislike button to comments to like dislike comments however I would like to know if I can add the like/dislike button to the comments form to like/dislike the post.

    Example and clarification:
    1.) Clarification: I do not want this for like/dislike comment it is still for posts.

    2.)Example: A visitor to my site reads a post and decides they want to comment on it, they fill in the comment form and beside the submit comment button is the like/dislike this post button.

    3.) After they submit their comment the comment is posted their like/dislike is recorded as usual and added to the total for that post and if they liked the post a thumbs up appears beside their comment or thumbs down if they didn’t like it.

    So in short I would like the plugin to work as normal except for a thumb up/down to be attached to users comment

    Comment form



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  • Plugin Author webtechideas


    Apology for the late response and thank you for your suggestion. But I am not sure how exactly this will work.

    1. This is only going to work when the single post is displayed not when a list of posts are displayed so that user can see the comment section.

    2. Do you want the like/unlike buttons to be available for both post and it’s comment?

    3. We can’t force the user to like a post. So should the comment form force the user to like the post before submitting the comment?

    4. The like/unlike and the comment functionality process in different manner. So how we can combinely process the comment form with like/unlike since there can be restrictions on voting but there is no restriction on commenting?


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