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    Hello, asked you a while back about how to include @via in the tweet, since then I changed my theme and now I’m using a Genesis like framework( to be honest lots of functionality is similar if not the same) and I have to put my custom stuff using functions.php like this

    add_action( 'omega_after_entry', 'omega_entry_footer' );
    function ...etc

    How do I add your sharing code in a theme functions file? I don’t know too much about this and I’m stuck in all that <?php thing and I don’t add it correctly. I’m ashamed about my noobiness but I need this and it gives me a lot of headaches 🙁

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    Documentation for genesis framework only for members =(
    But it’s not a big problem =)

    If you need to just display social link I hope this can help (add to your child theme functions.php)

    add_action( 'omega_after_entry', 'your_child_theme_name_omega_entry_footer_action' );
    function your_child_theme_name_omega_entry_footer_action() {

    If you need more help with wordpress actions/filters and php you can write to me by email, or GTalk, to

    Dude, it’s not Genesis, it only looks like it. You can fiind Omega framework even on

    BTW, thanks! It worked like a charm but … the links have no classes. ?!

    LE: I found it. Now they have classes because based on your reply and the suggested codes in the info I know now how things work, how to add stuff in the functions file. 😀

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    I’m glad it helped 😀

    Uh, one more thing if I( hope)’m not annoyng. Finally used the code like this `function share_count() {
    $share_args = array(
    ‘before_twitter’ => ”,
    ‘after_twitter’ => ”,
    ‘before_facebook’ => ”,
    How do I mix it( if i can) with this $args = array('show_only' => array( 'twitter', 'facebook' )); to limit the number of displayed networks?

    I want to keep things as simple as I can with my theme so I used a small function to call only the wordpress Dashicons from the backend in case I need some and they have only twitter, gplus and facebook icons.

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    All $args is one array, just merge it together

    $share_args = array(
      'before_twitter' => '',
      'after_twitter' => '',
      'show_only' => array('twitter'),

    Done that but it doesn’t work > blogshot .ro

    Oh yes it does. I was looking only at my first post that probably had a caching issue or something. Thanks again!

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    Post please all your added code

    Here it is, just what you told me and it works now. The last problem was just a caching issue of my blog.

    add_action( 'omega_after_entry', 'share_count' );
    function share_count() {
      $share_args = array(
        'before_twitter' => '<ul class="share"><li class="share-twitter"><span class="share-t"><a href="' . urlencode(get_the_title()) . '&url=' . urlencode(get_permalink()) . '&via=' . urlencode('cartonic') . '" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"> ',
        'after_twitter' => '</a></span></li>',
        'before_facebook' => '<li class="share-facebook"><span class="share-f"><a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"> ',
        'after_facebook' => '</a></span></li>',
        'before_googleplus' => '<li class="share-googleplus"><span class="share-g"><a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"> ',
        'after_googleplus' => '</a></span></li></ul>',
        'show_only' => array('twitter','facebook','googleplus'),
    the_post_share_count( $share_args );

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