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  • I know how to add text with a link to one of my pages to the sidebar via the widget (I’m assuming this is the easiest way). I can upload text and then a link under it, however I can’t figure out how to link the text…I feel like this shouldn’t be that hard, but I’m still a rookie. You can check it out at –the text on the side is “How To Create A Post”.

    If it matters, I’m using the elegant grunge theme.

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  • Use this plugin to add text with links.

    Name : HTML-Javascript-Adder

    It is my plugin. It is helpful and fulfills all your needs.

    Add an info about this plugin in your blog to help people who have problems like you have.


    <a href="">How to create a Post</a>

    I installed the HTML-Javascript-Adder widget..and found how to add text to the sidebar.
    Now I want to make the text into a link, and assume that the WYSIWYG editor would allow me to do that.
    Can anyone tell me where I need to install the ‘steditor’ folder of this addin, in order for me to open it from the admin widgets page of my site?
    The current path generated by the “Edit in WYSIWYG Editor” link points to
    It looks like the ‘steditor’ folder should be placed inside the ‘html-javascript-adder’ file?
    Is that possible?
    Thanks for any help…

    OK… I just figured out how to do what I wanted…
    You don’t need to open the WYSIWYG from the link on your site. You need only open the editor from the place you stored it on download and follow instructions from there…

    The learning curve is steep at this point.

    I am really green to all web editing stuff, and learn as I have problems doing what I want to do…So,
    To remedy my original problem, I opened the /Add HTML-Javscript.php file, from my web directory on my server and edited the following line: <?php
    global $site_url;
    ?> …so that it matched the address of the HTML-Javascript.php file in my directory…
    This will direct the link at your page to open the Wysiwyg window for adding text and link reference script to your sidebar, when you open the HTML-Javascript widget for editing…

    Using IE7, and MS FrontPage as my site editor and FTP client, I need to open the Wysiwyg from Admin page, enter text, click the make link icon, view source checkbox, select all, and press Ctrl+C to copy…for pasting into the widget editor interface…

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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