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    At least for custom links, it would be great to allow menu options to open in a new window/tab via the target=”_blank” element in the link tags. Controlling menus in the WP Menu tool is awesome, but many of the sites I work with have external links in the main navigation menus that need to open in a new tab.


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    I think you can cheat this by making your link:

    hhtp://" _target="blank

    Don’t know how you’d do it for pages, though, but that should work.

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    Interesting. Looks like it could work. Will try that out.




    You could also do:

    $menu = wp_nav_menu('echo=false&menu=Footer');
    $menu = str_replace('<a',"<a target='_blank'",$menu);
    echo $menu;

    In your theme.

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    @ipstenu – the form cleans up the quotes – and won’t recognize the html entities. Have not tried christopher’s suggestion. Would like to stay out of the theme, if I could. Clients will not be getting into the them, by any means.

    Doesn’t seem like a stretch that this would be useful to a larger audience than just myself. My vote would be to add it to the Menu manager – even if it only showed up in the Custom Links dialog.

    Thanks for the input!

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    Hmm. Maybe this?

    Honestly, using the target method isn’t considered user friendly anyway. People know how to open in a new window if they want to.

    Only after lots and lots of snooping around did I find this one

    On /wp-admin/nav-menus.php , click on the link for Screen Options in the top right of your screen. Hidden away in the dropdown there, below the usual Show on screen checkboxes, is another line of Show advanced menu properties checkboxes.

    Just check the box for Link Target and then all your Menu Items will have the additional option of Link Target : “Same window or tab” or “New window or tab”

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    Alex, you make my short list of WordPress heros. This sure seemed like a major oversight. I was having a hard time believing that there wasn’t some way around it. Of course, it had to be so simple!


    alex chousmith

    Hidden Gem!

    I’m not ashamed to say it: I love Alex Chousmith right now.

    I’m with jzahlaway. Thanks, Alex.

    Woowww I was looking for a solution to this for quite a while too!
    Well Alex, your very correct answer worked perfect!
    A big THANKS to you!!!

    Good stuff alex chousmith — “man crush’. I want it to be a default feature, but respect its Screen Options status. Touché WordPress!

    To help people find this: WordPress Menu, target=”_blank”, _blank, new window, menu

    Dear Alex Chousmith – will you marry me???? Your answer was just what I was looking for. You’re the kat’s pajamas. mrrrowww!!! =^..^=

    I had the same problem, you are the “Egg of Columbus” discoverer

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