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    Currently, enabling hCaptcha for the login form & everything via this plugin while then using Profile Builder ( to restrict the content of a site (and show a login form on the page instead of the content) has the login form shown without hCaptcha being shown. Then, submitting the login form says:

    Error: Please complete the captcha.

    So it seems like the server-side protection is there & it’s just a matter of the login form (among the other forms Profile Builder offers) not outputting the actual hCaptcha element for verification when using Profile Builder in this way.

    Meanwhile, (among other places) shows that Profile Builder currently supports reCAPTCHA so hopefully adding hCaptcha support won’t be too involved.

    I’ve turned off the hCaptcha protection of the login form as a momentary workaround for now (with me not wanting to use reCAPTCHA instead of hCaptcha.) It’s been tested and shows this avoids the issue. Also, I personally just have Profile Builder for the login form for protected content while things like Forgot Password, Register, etc. use the standard WordPress page for handling that so those have been left as using hCaptcha without issue. That being said, Profile Builder does have [wppb-login], [wppb-register], [wppb-recover-password], and other shortcodes that could/should be accounted for in addition to the login form protection just in case a site uses one of those as well.

    I’d love to see Profile Builder support added for its forms as hCaptcha really is preferred over reCAPTCHA at this point. I’d love to re-enable this login protection once the support has been added (again, with me personally not using Profile Builder for register, lost password, etc. currently while others might.)

    Also, I came across which shows I’m not the only one hoping for this support to be added.

    I’ve then also posted this on GitHub for further discussion/action in that context:

    Thanks for the great plugin & service,

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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