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    I love the plugin and I appreciate the great work. I have suggestion to make this plugin even more awesome.

    Apparently, the thumbnails in WordPress are not consistent due to random image sizes available from web. This makes the whole site look ugly.

    However, there is a plugin – – which takes care of this.

    The issue with this plugin is, it does it on the fly too. However, it adds a query string at the end which is not good for SEO.

    Your plugin also deals with regeneration of Images via variety of plugins. Could you add support for this plugin to regenerate images using the Whitespace Image resize plugin? This would be a real awesome thing if you could.

    I honestly would love it if your plugin can regenerate the images via Whitespace Image Resize methods and then go on to save it as well. That would be a real boost and blessing to majority of wordpress sites which have issues dealing with inconsistent image sizes.

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    as the Whitespace Image Resize plugin doesn’t use WordPress’ ImageEditor class, it doesn’t work with WPPP out of the box.

    Adding whitespace to resized images is, in my opinion, the wrong way to fix your issue. Though that way all intermediate images have exactly the requested size, it increases image file sizes and could create future issues, e.g. when changing the background color of your site.

    If those varying sizes make your site look ugly, it’s an issue with your theme, which should be fixable using a few lines of CSS or modifying some theme files.

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    My request was to convert the images using the Whitespace plugin methods and saving them on disc while they are being “dynamically” created by your plugin.

    I have really spent months trying to resize/hardcrop my images. I have over 20,000 images on my setup and its very difficult to “regenerate thumbnails” for all of them after small changes.

    Having an additional option: Enable adding Whitespace to image under the plugin’s dynamic image creation would be a great relief.

    I have experimented it.The image barely increases. But the website experience gets a whole lot better and its a great trade off.

    Please do consider this.

    Plugin Author Bjoern


    As I said, the whitespace plugin uses the wrong methods in order to work with WPPP. Integrating an option to add whitespace to images directly using WPPP doesn’t fit what WPPP is about. But creating a plugin that adds whitespace to images an would work with WPPP shouldn’t be too complicated to write. I’ll take a look into that. Could test some WPPP features using it.

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