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  • I found your plugin excellent, but in my data I often have missing values, eg:

    [new Date(2014,0,9),265, 291],
    [new Date(2014,1,9), {}, 291],
    [new Date(2014,2,1),271, 282]

    By default, in line charts, Google Graphs leaves an unsightly gap in that location, but it has an option “interpolateNull:true” which draws the line in between.

    I suggest either adding it by default for line charts (it does no harm when all values are present), or maybe add some mechanism to add arbitrary options to pass to the google charts API.

    It’s fairly easy for me to edit the plugin PHP but I’m writing a plugin myself and would like to give users the option to automatically generate shortcodes for your plugin if it’s installed.

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  • Plugin Author jvrtanoski


    Thanks Ramon for the nice words and the suggestion.

    I will add the “true” as a default value and I will allow this to be modified to “false” by an attribute of the short code. I will add this to 0.3.4, which I plan for this week and I will post you.

    Thanks again for sharing your view and helping the growth of our plug-in.

    Great. Note that you probably shouldn’t make it default for bar charts etc.

    Plugin Author jvrtanoski


    As I see, it is supported only for Line charts and Histograms. We still don’t support Histogram charts, so I have add it only to the line chart and works perfectly. I will publish the 0.3.4 this week, so you can try it yourself.

    With this change, whenever we have “null” or “{}” in the dataset, the line chart will automatically interpolate the value based on the neighbouring rows.

    Thanks again and thanks for the review and the stars in the plug-in directory.

    Plugin Author jvrtanoski


    Hi, The 0.3.4 was released. Please check the feature you have requested. Fill free to share your comments.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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