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    I am about to create a WordPress site — call it “parent.” It will have several Pages and Posts, and I’ll be using a theme where the Pages will all be listed horizontally as part of the header. Typical stuff.

    I’m going to add a subdomain to the site, and in that subdomain, I’m going to do a whole separate WordPress installation — call it “child.”

    What I’d like is for the “parent’s” Pages menu to include a link to the “child’s” front page. Really, I guess it doesn’t matter so much that this is a link to a subdomain much less to another WordPress installation. The key is that I’d like to hardcode a static link but have it always appear within the dynamically generated Pages menu on the “parent” site, appearing stylistically just the same as all the dynamically generated Page links in that menu.

    I’m guessing that what I’m after is probably a simple thing and probably also independent of whatever theme I’d be using, since the idea is for another item to be added in whatever way happens to be consistent with how any given theme might display the Pages menu. Any way to do this in conjunction with wp_list_pages or however else?

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  • This is marked as resolved, but there is no resolution posted here. I have the same need… I need a hard coded link that appears in the menu. What is the method to do this?

    This page is also a top hit in google — if the answer’s somewhere else on, then please post a link for us. I’d like this feature so I can have link to pages, plus a link to /gallery (with zenphoto installed in that folder) all in one menu

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