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    Is there any way to add the special characters button (the Omega icon in the traditional editor) to the full-screen editor?

    I like using em-dashes. I’m editing in Visual on Fullscreen. On a desktop keyboard, I can use the alt code to add the em-dash. On a laptop without a numberpad, I don’t know a quick shortcut for adding one, save go to HTML and adding the &code;

    Anyway to do this? Can this be an option for 3.4?

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    In the regular visual editor, simply make it full screen by pressing shift + alt + G.

    I have been searching for a solution to the sparseness of the fullscreen editor for a while, and I have now concluded that it is a false problem that has a surprisingly simple solution: don’t use it–instead just make a full-screen version of the regular editor window, with its buttons.

    The fullscreen editor got revised a few upgrades ago into a “distraction free” writing environment and so not all the buttons are passed into this editor. So if you want more writing space and all the buttons you want at the same time, you can use the key-command within the non-full-screen version to make that window fullscreen (oldschool style), without entering the “distraction free” (new fangled) environment.

    THE KEY-COMMAND IS: Shift + alt + G. (On many mac keyboards (such as my laptop) you have to hold down fn as well, because alt is above the option key).

    This key command will toggle you in and out of this mode. You have to toggle out to save, but otherwise you can do everything in this full screen that you can do in the regular editing window.

    If you want to customize your buttons in this editor, there are many plugins that allow you to do so. I use tinyMCE Advanced, but are plenty of others, include WP Super Edit and Ultimate tinyMCE.

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    The full screen editor is actually called “Distraction Free Writing” and has few edit buttons by design. This choice is contentious and many people eye roll it.

    There is a help icon, though, and that has all the key-calls, like ctrl-b for bold, etc, which can help.

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