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  • I’m running the usermeta and userextra plugins to provide extra information in users profile. I want this information to be stored inside of the WordPress session/cookie so that I can pull this information in other scripts elsewhere on my site.

    If there’s a plugin available to modify what session data is held I’d much prefer that but otherwise what pages need to be modified in order to store this info inside the session/cookie?

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  • I found in the wordpress codex:

    That WordPress uses cookies that it creates in the ‘/wp-includes/pluggable-functions.php’ file. I added an additional setcookie function inside of the wp_setcookie function to see if I could create an additional cookie at startup. When I logged out and logged back in the new cookie did not create. Does anyone know why?

    Nobody could answer this?

    Is there a reason that WordPress doesn’t want people using their own sessions?

    try this:

    I dont know if that’s what you are looking for, but it describes how to get sessions working.

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