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    I know you in the settings you can change the scope of roles who can send emails but is it possible to change/add to the scope of roles who can receive emails (i.e. recipients)?

    For example, I have a membership site and members’ role is ‘Members’ and I want to send an email to all registered members, not just default WP ‘Subscribers’ who are a different role altogether.

    Can this be done without editing core plugin files?


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  • Plugin Author luigipulcini


    Maybe I don’t understand your request.
    Sending emails to all users of a specific role is as easy as dragging the role tag in the recipient area, while your are composing a new email. Just drag the role you want and drop it in the “TO”, “CC” or “BCC” field amd your email will be sent to all users of that role.
    The scope of the plugin is a completely different feature.

    Yes but the role that I want to send to is not showing up in the ‘Mass Emails’ section but it does show up in the Scope drop-down on the Settings tab.

    I am using the Membership plugin which creates the ‘Member’ role. Currently there are over 20+ people with that role so it should show up.

    Why is it showing up in one place but not the other?

    Just to clarify, looking through ezemails.php, both the Mass Emails and Scope drop-down use this:

    $roles = $wp_roles->get_names();

    …which should grab all the roles, no?

    After Mass Emails, the only roles that show are:


    Under Scope, it shows the following:


    Plugin Author luigipulcini


    both the Mass Emails and Scope drop-down use this:
    $roles = $wp_roles->get_names();
    …which should grab all the roles, no?

    Not quite.
    Even though they both use the code you found to get the full list of roles, Mass Emails then checks also if a specific roles has users attached to it.
    That is why the two lists may not be the same.

    As for your “Members” role not appearing among the role tags of Mass Emails, I thought the problem was solved starting from 2.2.5. Let me see what I can do.

    Plugin Author luigipulcini


    Please update to version 2.2.6 and let me know if this solves your problem.

    Hi Luigi,

    Thanks for the help but with 2.2.6 it is the same. Only Administrators, Editors, Subscribers showing up next to ‘Mass Emails’.

    Plugin Author luigipulcini


    Ok, I have installed the Membership plugin and maybe I am missing something.
    I configured the plugin through the Wizard, creating a Member subscription level.
    It doesn’t seem to me that the plugin creates a WordPress role, at least not in my installation. As a matter of fact, I don’t see the role Member listed anywhere in the WordPress installation.
    From my understanding, users can be Members (of the Membership plugin) regardless of their WordPress role. As a matter of fact, after installing the Membership plugins, all my users got activated as Members (either administrators, subscribers and editors, which are the roles that I am currently using).

    Therefore, it seems that the two attributions – WordPress roles and Membership levels – are completely separated.

    Now, I am trying to understand why you see a role “Member” in the list of WordPress roles. Is it possible that you created that role yourself using another plugin while trying to configure your Membership plugin?
    Or can you try to let me better understand how the Membership plugin interacts with the WordPress roles. From what I can see in my installation, the two concepts (WP roles nad Member levels) are completely independent.

    This is a test you can try to better understand the situation.
    Go to the Users page (/wp-admin/users.php): what do you see under the column “ROLE” for the users that are definitely Members according to the Membership plugin?
    If you still see standard WP roles, than it is pretty obvious that the Membership plugin add something completely unrelated to the WordPress roles.

    Sorry I should have been more clear. Yes you are correct – Membership does not create the roles, I’m using User Role Editor for that.

    So, with URE I created the Member role which was necessary for several reasons:

    1) So that any spam or unauthorized registrations do not have access to premium content as “Subscriber”

    2) Added body classes based on user roles to style pages

    I can’t for the life of me remember how I assigned “Member” to be the default user role after sign up with Membership but it is set up that way.

    Everywhere else in WP-Admin where user roles are shown, the “Member” role is there…

    Plugin Author luigipulcini


    First of all, the settings you are talking about may be the one you find in the WordPress general settings (/wp-admin/options-general.php) as “New user default role”.

    So, based on what you just added, it seems that we are falling back to a problem with EZ Emails. Any chance you can provide me with an admin access, so that I can give a look at what happens?
    Please email me at “luigi [at] luigipulcini [dot] com”

    It wasn’t that general options setting (I looked 🙂

    Will send you an email now. Thanks!

    Plugin Author luigipulcini


    Hi Joshua,
    after fixing your website, I included the same change to the new version 2.2.7.
    Please update.

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