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    I’m having a hard time forcing a rewrite rule with certain criteria in wordpress, and I’m really hoping that someone can help…

    The URL structure for the category is as follows

    I want to add a rewrite rule by adding add_rewrite_rule to functions.php to allow one Arabic character like the following

    But the regex must be for one and only one character because there are articles inside that category, thus, if there is anything else that is not a single character it will be a post.

    I already implemented that but for the English language using the following code


    Thanks in advance.

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  • Resolved using the following:



    I found a bug in the code which caused the letters after غ not to be matched.
    After some researches, I found that there are two ranges of characters… From أ to غ and from ف to ي.

    So I added both ranges and adjusted the code to be as below:


    Note that I added a-z in the middle just to split the letters, however, the following code is also working properly.

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