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  1. Modular Bits
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I want to be able to add a relative image address to a link.

    There is no file picker in the Image Address field of the Advanced section of the New Link form. That would be very helpful.

    How can I enter the relative address (path) of the image file?

  2. Add a relative image to which link? Like add one into your post or in the blogroll/links section?

  3. Modular Bits
    Posted 4 years ago #

    blogroll/links is primarily where i want it. But to me it seems that it would be appropriate elswhere.

    In blogroll/links there isn't a file picker so you would have to know the address of the image. Or view it via the Media section and then copy and paste the full url.

    After doing more investigation it looks like there is no such thing as a relative link in WordPress.

    There have been several posts thoughout the years by people wanting this feature. It seems that the architecture doesn't allow for relative paths.


  4. Modular Bits
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I am developing a network of sites. I want to have a default site configuration and copy that to a new site in the network.

    Absolute URL's kill that idea.

  5. WordPress does not use relative URLs.

    They don't 'kill' the idea. But they can cause issues depending on how you upload the images.

    Personally, I use FTP and put them in domain.com/content/images/ and then just link to http://domain.com/content/images/ Works for all sites on a network.

    I want to have a default site configuration and copy that to a new site in the network.

    We have plugins for that and Multisite :)


  6. Modular Bits
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Thanks! I'll check them out.

    My clients for the individual site will not be dev savy.
    They will need to perform all functions through the UI and make it as simple as possible.

    Most of my site administrators will have very little or no experience maintaining a website. So it's got to be as plug and play, point and click for them as I can make it.

    I set up the structure and features and they add there content via pages and posts etc.

  7. It's in your best interest to teach them.

    They don't have to be DEV savvy, but write up something to say 'This is how you upload images, this is how you insert them, this is how you write a post, a page, what's the diff between posts and pages...' and get them started.

    They need to learn WP just like they needed to learn using MS Word. I phrase it that way for a reason. They had to learn how to use the tool. This is a new tool.

    Teach :)

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