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    Is it possible to add public subscribers to a specific category of posts? Basically we have 2 updates coming from our site (Tech and Sales updates) We want public subscribers to only get the Tech updates while our registered subscribers get Sales updates. If we could even we would prefer if we could have 1 group of public subscribers to receive tech and a different group of public subscribers receive the sales updates this avoids us having to register any users.

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  • @irishpeck,

    This is not possible as Public Subscribers don’t have any control over their subscription categories.

    One way to work around this is to exclude the Sales updates in the Settings page as that would stop emails for that category going to Public Subscribers. You’d still need a Registered group for the Tech updates though.

    Okay grand thanks for the update I need to try figure something out to get around this.

    I found a way to may this work on a client’s site. In the Users, Edit User panel, make all the user Roles “No role for this site.” Then in the Tools Subscribers panel, edit the users’ Subscribed categories to Tech and Sales. They’ll get the notifications but can no longer login to change their own profiles or subscriptions. (Nice tool mattyrob. I wanted to read the latest support topics before adding this to another client site.)

    @madriverweb thanks for the update I might try this however I still don’t want to send them an email with their username and password as happens when you add them to wordpress as a user but this is certainly a great way around it in the interim.

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