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    First post!

    I’m a relative novice with WordPress and would appreciate guidance on adding an extra row (of 2) products below the curent four.

    My site is

    I have the extra product pages already created.
    Many thanks.

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  • Hi trapbarn,

    To do this one must need to see your current home page design structure. It looks like products have been arranged manually i.e. not using proper loop otherwise those products should come automatically on the site below the four products using the WooCommerce standard loop. If the page content has been directly placed on the content area on admin you can copy one product structure and make changes according to new product detail like image, links etc. It may be possible some template file is used for the home page, in this case, use you need to open that template file and need to make changes.

    I Hope, you will get some help from this.

    Thanks for the pointer.I will have a dig around and see what I can do. I turned up a plug-in called Synchi which I believe might be usefull.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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