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  • Hello All,

    Ive recently installed woocommerce on a clients website and he has come back with a few requests that i cant answer, so im hoping i can get some help here.

    1. He wants all of his prices rounded up. They way they imported some prices are $43.13 or $56.67 – want i want to do is round the of to the nearest 15 cents. eg: $43.15 or $56.75.

    2. He also wants to be able to adjust the markup on the products, at this point before importing, we added it into the CSV file, however in the future we want to be able to im port an item for $3 add the markup of 87.5% and it display on the site. We want to be able to change this at any time. I searched high and low but nothing has helped.

    If i can get any feedback on either that would be fantastic!!



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