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  • We have just installed your plugin. We have our items entered. But we do have additional pricing for some items. Where do we enter the upcharge description (“With Cheese” for example)? This is time sensitive. Thanks.

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  • Plugin Author Rustaurius


    You can navigate to the menu item edit screen, and on the right had side of the page if you scroll down you will see price tab. Here, in the textbox you can specify whatever upcharge you want to apply to the item. You can even add any number of upcharges along with their texts and prices.

    I a on the “Edit Menu Item” screen. In the right column, between “Post Attributes” and “Specials” is “Price.” It allows me a field to enter the price ($4, for example) but I do not see a field where I can enter what that $4 is for (extra cheese, for example.) I can, and have, added text to that same field, so that it says “Add Cheese $4.” But that then screws up the column width for the price field. Is that the only way to do it?

    I have a second topic while we’re messaging…

    Where is the ID #’s for the different menus? I’m sure I’m looking right at them, but I don’t see them.

    Plugin Author Rustaurius


    Hello rowlandville,

    Yes that would be it. If the column width issue is a front end issue, you could use Custom CSS to solve it. Would you mind giving us a link to your menu, and we might be able to help with that?

    For the ID’s, you can find them by clicking on a menu, and then looking at the address bar. It should look something like:

    The ID would be 1170 in that case.



    Hey. We finally just set the special items beneath the menu descriptions and italicized them. So you input is still valuable so we could shift them back to the correct column. I have another related issue, too.

    We have two menus: “Lunch” and “Menu.” They are each on this page: We would like the Lunch menu to span two columns. I have tried EVERYTHING to make it wide. Nothing is working. The plan is, once it spans both columns, to use CSS so that there are two items left, two items right.


    Plugin Author Rustaurius


    Hello Rowland,

    Could you try the following Custom CSS and tell me if that’s what you meant?

    @media only screen and (min-width: 840px) {
        #fdm-menu-1 ul.fdm-sectionid-23 li:nth-child(n+2){
            width: 24% !important;
Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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