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  1. the_fear66
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    sorry for all my recent posts everyone - i'm getting very stuck on some bits of this project!!

    i'm looking to be able to have registered users create a shopping basket type wish list for an art gallery site i'm working on. the basic idea is that they'll click on a save button and the post (or artwork in this case) would be added to a watch list that they could then go back and look at at a later date.

    a work in progress page is at http://dev.inter-art.co.uk/medium/paintings/nach-thun/ - so on clicking the save button (which would only display if the user is logged in) the post ID gets added to a new table with the user ID, or similar.

    Anyone know of a plugin that does this sort of thing, or a way I could accomplish it otherwise?

    Many thanks

  2. the_fear66
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