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  • Hi everyone,

    Would someone mind terribly pointing me in the right direction with this?

    I’d like the ability to make new posts through the themed blog interface (so not the admin page), just like this is possible already for adding comments.

    This way, myself and others I invite to this private blog can easily add new posts within the blog’s front end.

    I not looking for any more functionality than is already there with the comments posting form as defined in wp-comments-post.php (meaning no images or anything special, just text is fine).

    Thanks very much if you have any suggestions.

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  • Best way to do this, in my opinion, is the Admin Menu Plugin from Semiologic. This gives several options like posting and editing at the top of the page. It is invisible to visitors that are not logged in, and it looks great to signed-in users without being disruptive.
    You can get it here.

    Thanks, I’m trying out this plugin. I think this will do what I want but I will have to redesign my admin pages or skin them if possible so that they match the look of the blog.

    Is there perhaps another way to do it?

    What I’m thinking is that a “create post” function could mimick the “add comment” function somehow by modifying or creating code for this. I’ll have to look into it, but does anyone know if that could work? I don’t know all that much about PHP specifically.

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