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  • Because of the world wide impact of the GDPR rules on the internet and the complex and not so very transparent use of cookies by plugins, plus the need for cookie consent banners in case visitors need to agree on activating certain cookies, I think all this should become part of the WP core.

    I’m not a coder, but I’m thinking of a place in WP, in the new Privacy section, where during installation plugins can place their cookie code, separated from the rest of the plugin files/code. This way users can see the optional cookies in one place and then decide if they want to place that cookie or not. Included should be a simple cookie banner.

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  • Moderator Andrew Nevins


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    When would user details be stored as part of cookies?

    GPDR states that tracking cookies need to be be approved before they are placed on the website, so that means things like share buttons, google maps, embedded youtube movies and galleries, twitter feeds etc. Also there are a lot of plugins that store some other kind of information that could lead back to the visitor, like an IP-address. I don’t know if plugin developers always have a choice, but it would be a great help if these kind of plugins could be ‘set aside’ for wordpress admins to be used in a cookie banner.

    Hmmm, the longer I think about it the more I question my own question 😉 …

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    WCLDN 2018 Contributor | Volunteer support

    Say if a plugin author were to breach GDPR, in what case do you think they would store personal identifiable information inside a cookie? I can’t envisage that case.

    By saving the IP of the visitor?

    Like I said, I’m not a coder, just a long time user and I also build sites for clients and I strongly believe in simplicity and user friendlyness. I came up with this idea when working hard on this GDPR stuff in the last week and in many WordPress sites. I found it very difficult if not impossible to figure out if a plugin is GDPR compliant or not, and if not, how to manage to get consent from visitors before activating them. I know there are a few (premium) plugins that say they can handle this, but many imply that you know how to trace (tracking) cookies and how to add some code so that a yes or no is possible by the visitor. So I thought, wouldn’t it be great if plugins could tell WordPress during install if they are compliant or not and in which category (functional, tracking), and that WordPress would have a summary page with a list of plugins and the information given by the plugin developer. It would be fantastic if WordPress would also have a simple cookie banner where a visitor decide which ones to accept and which ones to decline. Or that a WordPress user would only have to click some checkboxes on that page to decide which ones go into which category.

    I’m thinking purely from a users point of view. How can all this fuzzy, complex GDPR stuff be streamlined into a simple process for the end user, without making him the one who has to figure out all this.

    Am I making sense? 🙂

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    on the one hand you have a very fuzzy and complex GDPR, on the other hand you’ll never have full control on the plugins and themes or whatever you use. At some point you just have to rely on the information they give you. If they say they are GDPR compliant, you’ll have to trust them.

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