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  • Can I add a picture to a sidebar widget? If so, how?

    I’m using iNove. My site is

    I’m a freelance writer, and I want to add a picture of myself so that people know what the “dyer” means. Thanks for the help.

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  • you could obtain this using a text widget.

    In the text widget, add the html code to display an image:`
    <img src=”” title=”me” />`

    replace the url with the URL of the image you want to insert of course.

    Where do I actually type this code in?

    I also use iNove.
    Downnload and activate text widget. Add html code with pictures in the widget f ex in the “north” part of the sidebar.

    Go to the appearance tab and click on widgets. in the drop down choose the location you would like for it to appear.
    add the widget from the left. Click update. Once the page reloads click ‘edit’ on the wdiget you added which is now on the right hand side. Fill out the info/code, and update again.

    Great. Thanks for the help.

    But how can you have more than one sidebar (sidebar2, 3 and so on?)

    That’s definable in the themes functions.php file or possibly by certain template tags.

    Hi Maxaud
    I’m having a formatting problem with my sidebar. I want to have my search, text widgets right under the “Follow” link on this page: I can’t figure out where it is getting split up. Any suggestions? Thanks

    Were you able to get it resolved? It looks like the search and text is right under the follow section.

    what code do you use to get the background in the submenu to change colour when hoover?

    I was able to get the picture in the sidebar, but it was too big and overextended beyond the template border. How can I get the right dimentions so I can size my picture properly?



    I must be missing something because I tried to add under “image” tab on sidebar and it only allowed me to add a “URL”. My “badge”/pic is saved on my computer. Help! Thanks.

    Uplaod it in wordpress when you are writing a post or page and it will be in your media section.
    Once you do that you can snag the url it uploaded to and enter it in the url spot you’re referring to.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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