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  • Resolved tomlandon


    Hello there – and lots of thanks for your great contribution. Currently i am suffering the following issue:

    When trying to upload an image/a video/a link to BP activity stream, the specific “ADD” (Photos/Links/Videos) button is not working. Strange by the way: The “CANCEL” button IS working.

    Would you please have a look over it? You of course my try the things on

    I have made my own three icons for movie/link/image. So if you would like to have them for your plugin, be free to take them as a tiny contribution out of my hand. 🙂

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  • Mike


    WPMU DEV Support Staff

    Hi @tomlandon

    Is the button just not there? Or is it there but doesn’t work?

    Because I believe the button appears when something is entered.

    Good morning, valued Mike. Thanks for writing.

    Yes, the button ist there, shows the regulare rollover/mouse over effect, is clickable, but does not show any other action.

    If you would like to see that, please use the following details:

    URL to login:
    Your test user name: mikedemo
    Your test password: mike2008
    Please complete the little math task
    URL to activities:

    I will delete the account after your test. Good? 🙂
    Thanks a lot.



    WPMU DEV Support Staff

    Hi @tomlandon

    It doesn’t let me post anything, but does pressing return allow you to post?

    Hello, Mike. Thanks for writing.
    Everything is working (even the “CANCEL” button), only the “ADD PHOTOS/ADD VIDEO/ADD LINK” button is not working, so that PHOTOS/LINKS/VIDEOS cannot be posted.

    No, “ENTER” does not help/work.

    Regular TEXT Posts (without using the plugin buttons) are working, even link/video posts can be placed, if i paste the specific link direktly into the text field.

    Hello, valued Mike, i have located the disturbing plugin. So i would like to post an important announcement: The troublemaker is WORDPRESS-/BP PLUGIN *** BuddyPress Activity Privacy ***.

    After uninstalling everything is working fine again.

    J K


    Hi there @tomlandon

    I hope you are well today, thank you for the update, I’m glad you found the offending plugin and that everything is now working fine 🙂

    Thank you!

    Kind Regards

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