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  • I have a Special events page in my site. I would like to post the content of the “Special Events” on my home page at the bottom. I tried an IFrame approach and it is close but I don’t want to include the widgets in the right column. I don’t really want to take the widget column on the Special Events page either. Is there a way to pull the page content from one page and display it on another page, dynamically? (When the Special Events page changes, the front page version also changes)
    One other option might be to make the “Special Events” page a Blog, but then how do I display the Blog at the bottom of my static Home page? is the site

    Thanks for any help or suggestions…

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  • If you want to insert one page in another page, you could use a shortcode. See this post:

    You’d put the function he lists in your theme’s functions.php file. Then, on your home page at the end you’d add [pa_insert page="1228"] where the number is the ID of your Special Events page. (To get the ID of that page, go to All Pages and hover over the edit page link for your page, then look in your browser’s status bar. The ID is typically at the end of the long URL there.)

    Another option would be to use a plugin like Event Organiser to manage your events. I think that would work better than trying to do it in a blog.

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