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  • Hello,

    I have used Joomla a good amount, but I am new to wordpress. I am editing my employer’s site ( What I need to do is pretty simple – add a new page to my main top menu – but am really confused as to why it is not working. A few things to note:

    My current theme does not natively support menus, but I can add a “Custom Menu” widget to the theme’s sidebar only (on the services page).

    The main menu links right now are set up under pages (About Us, Services, News, Testimonials, Contact), NOT in a custom menu.

    So – I added a new page, Case Studies, made it public, gave it the page order I wanted, but it does not show up in the main menu. I have searched all over and the only answer I find is that it is not added to the custom menu, but a) I cannot add a custom main menu per my template, and b) all of the other pages show up as links, just not the new one I added.

    Can anyone help?

    Thank you.

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    Your theme appears to be using a non-core menu. Are you perhaps using a menu plugin?

    Thank you for your response. There are 11 plugins activated but none of them have to do with any menus. I find it so weird that the other pages are showing up that are set up the same exact way – and they have the same settings?



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    Your theme uses wp_list_pages() function to create the menu. Check the relevant template file in the theme and see if the include parameter is being used with that function.

    Ok, thank you, I will try to find it 🙂 Would this be under Editor?

    Ugh. Searched all of the .php files and didn’t find it… it has to be in one of the template php files, right? Geeze, kind of crazy it is so complicated to add a menu item, I’ve been trying to figure this out for hours!



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    Try looking in header.php.

    Ah – it has this:

    if ( get_option(SHORTNAME.”_mainnavhome”) != ”){ $prosto_mainnav = ‘show_home=’ . get_option(SHORTNAME.”_mainnavhome”); } else {$prosto_mainnav = ‘show_home=1’;}
    if( get_option(SHORTNAME.”_mainnav”) != ”) {$prosto_mainnav .= ‘&sort_column=menu_order&include=’ . get_option(SHORTNAME.”_mainnav”); wp_page_menu($prosto_mainnav);} else {wp_page_menu();}

    So what do I change? php is so mysterious… 😉

    Thank you!!!

    Hi. Are you still out there? So I changed include to exclude and thought I had fixed it, but then pages/links that I didn’t want there appeared. All but 1 (the home page blurb under the slider) is actually in use, so I thought – well if I make those pages drafts, it won’t pull them for the menu, but then even some of the published pages that were there before that I want don’t show up. Thoughts? There seems to be no rhyme or reason. Is there something I need to add to the php to pull certain pages? Or a setting for the pages I want?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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