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  • Frank, this is a great plugin!

    However, Customizing the Admin view is not always about HIDING!

    There are Additive changes that are a necessary part of thoroughly modifying the WP Admin UI for users.

    I have Changes to the Header and footer styling and wpwrap and wpcontent and wpadmin bar that all involve NOT hiding things but modifying them.

    This is why I think it is essential that you add a Custom box that adds on and modifies the inline styles that your plug-in creates.

    Because your plugin rewrites the admin elements and tags then I must rewrite my style changes to accommodate changes such as

    <div id=”mw_adminimize_admin_bar”>

    However, your code is the last thing applied. I cannot get my extra modifications to Visible page elements such as the admin bar to apply even when I use “mw_adminimize_admin_bar” because your code always writes closest to the elements I want to affect. Your code overrides mine.

    It would be very very helpful to users if you would add the final component that allows us to make changes to VISIBLE elements without applying Hiding tactics exclusively.

    Your plugin’s inline rewrites with the “last word” written just before standard WP divs, for instance, disables other plugins and modified CSS files in the header.

    PLEASE enhance your Adminimize plugin with the ability to feed in Visible changes so that Adminimize is the only plugin I need to complete the job of fully customizing the WP Admin.

    Thank you for your consideration!

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  • I have discovered how to do this with admin bar changes by going to the Adminimizer file that generates code for that particular part of the Admin page.

    I will probably use the same technique for other parts of the page but right now I have succeeded in making all the changes I need VISUALLY while Adminimizer is hiding the rest of the stuff for logged in Authors.

    At any rate it would be simple enough for Adminimizer to Add a Modify Visual elements input form with each Change Module for every part of the Admin UI code.

    That way a particular Member role can have EVERYTHING modified besides “just” hiding page element. Then Adminimizer could help with COMPLETELY restyling the page with new Admin header logos, page width, column widths, background colors, etc.

    Adminimizer could then be the Complete tool.

    I think another feature that could be added is an Option that selects a given theme and tries to “match up” , say, the Theme Header with the Admin Header. Progressively select and rewrite code and see the preview until the Admin Header and Footer and page columns match the look of the chosen theme.

    Plugin Author Frank Bueltge


    Thanks for your feedback.
    Can you more enhance your problem and requirement, that I understand it.

    I think you speak current in the problems only about the changes on Admin Bar, right?

    Your wishes, new ideas is a customizing part for modify visual elements, right?
    But what is the goal and which elements will you change; only the colers of areas.

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