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  • Plugin Author Todd – WireFlare


    So if I’m understanding correctly, you would like to see the log be generated locally and not to the syslog facility?

    The problem I see with that is that it wouldn’t suite the purpose of the plugin. It’s a good idea for another plugin possibly. But people might get confused as to what the plugin does if it doesn’t integrate with Fail2Ban.

    What do you think?

    Yes, I’d love to see an option with this plugin to simply export a csv file with data – I found your plugin looking for something to do exactly that, it’s very close.

    1 – a LOT of people have WP running in environments where they do not have root access, and even the ones that do normally do not have the chops to play with things like fail2ban.

    2 – An exported list will give us the option to manually look at the list for patterns, and use it for other things.

    Currently I look at sucuri’s log of failed logins and the log from limit login attempts – then manually look up the worst offenders with myip ms or similar – and then look up the host’s cidr and block a few thousand ips at once via htaccess.

    Sometimes I copy / paste limit login attempts details from more than one wp install and compare in an excel(ish) sheet – looking for patterns / worst offenders.

    I could see this data pulled into a seperate plugin for other users – would be nice to automate the host lookup, country code, owner’s cidr, etc –

    Some ISPs get abuse notices sent with details – some just get plain blocked by htaccess.

    I found another plugin that blocks via htaccess – but it only adds one single IP to the list – and I think the best way to handle these attacks are to block the largest blocks at a time.

    But we need the data in a better format than limit login attempts provides, and i’ve not found a method to export the data from sucuri (yet, I’m sure a simple mysql cmmd would do it)

    So in the short term, this data exported would be nice – perhaps in the long term someone can whip something that extends the data gathered into more info pulled from elsewhere, and then bring up options for more things to do.

    Plugin Author Todd – WireFlare



    I think that it is something we could wrap up into the plugin as an extra, but it wouldn’t be something that would be defined as its core purpose. We would also have to store the log in data in the DB and export to CSV.

    What information would you like to see in a report?

    I should be able to work something out in the next week or two.

    Plugin Author Todd – WireFlare



    I just wanted to let you know that I’m in the final stages of implementing this feature. The plugin should be released within 1 week.

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