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    My 4.0 database is becoming quite large and I was hoping to upgrade to 5.0
    Godaddy wont let me export and import due to size.
    Is there a way to make a new database and make the new posts work with the new database, without effecting the previous posts.

    Any ideas would be nice.

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  • The first question has to be – why is your database getting too large? Sites with thousands of posts and comments can still be small in terms of database size, so establishing the reason it is large might a good starting point.

    18.5 MB
    Perhaps that is not to large, im not sure.
    the database is 4.0 and the latest is 5.0

    18.5mb is large.

    Next question then – are you running some kind of logging system through your database, for instance a spam plugin that logs events?

    yes i am.

    Ok, so have you looked at the tables in your database to see if any of them are logs that are being saved?

    How many tables do you have altogether in your database? Which table/s are the biggest?

    sk2_blacklist Total 1,011 KB
    wp_alinks_keyphrases Total 13,456 Bytes
    wp_categories Total 4,664 Bytes
    wp_comments Total 9,449 KB
    wp_email Total 1,024 Bytes
    wp_falbum_cache Total 54,408 Bytes
    wp_link2cat Total 3,572 Bytes
    wp_links Total 5,636 Bytes
    wp_options Total 669,728 Bytes
    wp_post2cat Total 182,650 Bytes
    wp_postmeta Total 129,620 Bytes
    wp_posts Total 8,525 KB
    wp_sk2_logs Total 1,011 KB
    wp_sk2_spams Total 2,358 KB
    wp_usermeta Total 31,692 Bytes
    wp_users Total 10,348 Bytes

    Here are the sizes…
    Hope this answers some questions.
    Thanks for your help

    I finally solved my problem with having a large database.
    Here is what I did.
    The plug-in Spam Karma 2 was deactivated and deleted by FTP.
    But the tables still existed in the SQL.
    I downloaded and installed this Plug-in: WP-DBManager 2.20
    It made it easy to empty and drop tables from the database.
    I Dropped:

    I also dropped:
    The aLinks plugin never worked correctly anyway.
    Here is what I am left with: (NO OVERHEAD!!)
    Tables Records Data Usage Index Usage Overhead
    wp_categories 25 1.1 KB 3 KB 0 bytes
    wp_comments 1,017 319.1 KB 43 KB 0 bytes
    wp_email 0 0 bytes 1024 bytes 0 bytes
    wp_falbum_cache 33 49.1 KB 4 KB 0 bytes
    wp_link2cat 19 475 bytes 3 KB 0 bytes
    wp_links 19 1.4 KB 4 KB 0 bytes
    wp_options 379 383.3 KB 21 KB 0 bytes
    wp_post2cat 2,187 53.4 KB 125 KB 0 bytes
    wp_postmeta 763 69 KB 29 KB 0 bytes
    wp_posts 2,129 4.6 MB 2.7 MB 0 bytes
    wp_usermeta 294 14.4 KB 13 KB 0 bytes
    wp_users 50 5.9 KB 4 KB 0 bytes
    Total: 5.4 MB 2.9 MB 0 bytes

    Since I need something to catch my spam I activated the latest version of Akismet
    You may be asked for your API Key..easy to get. Just open an account at WordPress

    You could just empty those huge tables – and next time set those plugins to autodelete all that junk periodically.

    I like Clean Options for housekeeping chores too

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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