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    Recently an NGFB user contacted me about some Title and Description meta tag issues. The Open Graph description meta tag was blank because his Page content was just HTML tags and images — so no text for the Open Graph description meta tag.

    I sent him the following code to pull a default description from All-In-One SEO (if the OG description meta tag is empty):

    add_filter( 'ngfb_og', 'custom_ngfb_og', 10, 1 );
    function custom_ngfb_og( $og = array() ) {
            $opts = get_option( 'aioseop_options' );
            if ( empty( $og['og:description'] ) && ! empty( $opts['aiosp_home_description'] ) )
                    $og['og:description'] = $opts['aiosp_home_description'];
            return $og;



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