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  1. davidsword
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I have a network of sites.


    In the network, I have a site with a mapped domain (using WordPress MU Domain Mapping):

    mynetwork.com/a-site/ (mapped: a-site.com)

    Everything works beautifully with WordPress.

    BUT. I have a non-wordpress directory (/my-directory/) that's accessible via a-site.com/my-directory/ that contains an application that requires an SSL certificate

    When I buy the certificate, do I buy it for a-site.com/my-directory/ or mynetwork.com/a-site/my-directory/ ?

  2. Not with subdirectories. As soon as you make /a-site/ as a folder, it'll go weird. But... maybe you could make a physical /my0directory/ and fake it with htaccess.

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