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  • I’ve added a question to regarding the plugin pagepost2 which is kind of related to this question.

    I would like to have posts of X number of charachters automatically split into multiple pages. I see <!–nextpage–> can do this, but manually only.

    Anyone thought of a hack to add <!–nextpage–> at every X number of charachters?

    What I’d like is to break posts at every 10,000 charachters without having to do it manually.

    BTW found a flaw in the current <!–nextpage–> system. When added it creates a page /post-name/1/ that is linked from pages /post-name/2/, /post-name/3/ etc… unfortunately /post-name/1/ is a duplicate of /post-name/ and this is not good for SEO reasons. Any idea how to change the link to /post-name/1/ to /post-name/ or maybe a rewrite rule (rewrite /post-name/1/ to /post-name/) to fix this?



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  • I’m still stuck on this problem, if anyone even has an incling of an idea of how to do this it might help with the research?

    I’m learning PHP (can edit it, but not write it from scratch) and have been looking at ways to insert a charachter set like <!–nextpage–> into a database entry, but not got very far. My thought is to use a script that automatically adds <!–nextpage–> into the appropriate WordPress table at every X number of charachters (with a few safegaurds to prevent insertion in the middle of a word!).

    Basically know what I want, but don’t know how to do it 🙂


    I’m in the same boat, been looking for a friendly plugin for months. If you find a way, please do share.

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