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    my site is

    You will see on the home page how there is a News category right under page menu. What i want to do it keep the category, but take it off of that category menu. Then i want to create an entire page titled “News”, and make any posts under the News Category appear on that page. I know it seems redundant, but if you check out my site you will see it is the only way to keep the consistency, as i plan on making it a main feature of the site. thanks

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  • Are you using the Menu function in WordPress?

    You don’t need to make a page to get this to work. Just add the category in the menu. Kind of confused on why you would want to do this unless your theme doesnt support the built in menus.

    I don’t think it does. I just did what you suggested, and now all the pages that were listed at the top are gone, and “News”, is there. So that is the idea of what i want, however now all my pages(contact us, privacy policy, store), are gone.

    any suggestions?

    I want the news button to be in the primary menu, along with all my other pages that are located there. I am using the Headlines Enhanced theme

    When you go to Appearance -> Menu in the top left box does it say your theme supports menus? Does it have a drop down box that you can select a menu from?

    It does support menu’s, however I’m not sure to what extent. There are currently no menu’s on the site, however if you go to it, you will see that it looks like there are. Sorry, i am not too familiar with the site since i bought it recently.

    When i create a menu titled “News”, and add the category “News” To it, it will either create it on the primary menu, and delete all the links to my other pages, or it will create another menu under it, which is not what i want.

    I would like to see it alongside home/store/contact me/etc.

    I cant help you with manually making your menu because I dont know how you are doing it, but if you try to follow this WordPress_Menu_User_Guide it may be a ton easier and you can have better control over your menu.

    Nevermind, I just overwrote the menu that the theme had with all its original links + the one that i wanted via the menu thing. Thanks for the help, you were right

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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