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  • I have an admin for a site within our multisite install who is trying to add new users to his site. While he’s able to add them, they are having problems receiving the confirmation email. We have narrowed this down to most likely being an email issue, not necessarily a WP issue, because some users are getting the confirmation email if it is sent to a different domain. But when they click the link in the email, it goes to a 404 page:

    This domain is mapped into the multisite install. They user is asking for Super Admin privileges to bypass these issues (since a confirmation email is not needed if a Super Admin adds the user) but that’s just not possible. I can only assume this is a relatively easy fix, I just haven’t been able to find the solution doing a search for it. Thoughts?


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  • Do you have other mapped domains?

    Do they work?

    What domain mapping plugin are you using?

    There are 5 other mapped domains. We have not had a regular Admin try to add users, I’m a Super Admin and have been the only one to add users.

    The plugin we’re using is: WordPress MU Domain Mapping

    Have a regular admin try to add users, see what happens.

    A regular admin tried to add a user on one of the other sites, the wp-activate URL returned a 404 page, but there was still the account info (username and password) on the page. The sites use different themes, and if you look at the link above, you can see that the footer and any other content on the site is not showing up. Everything below the header is failing to load. I’m not sure what’s causing that.

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    This domain is mapped into the multisite install.

    Users signing up to a mapped domain should be redirected to the main site in the network. That’s how it goes by default.

    Of *course* the process will fail, because the user has to be added to the network first.

    you’d need a custom signup for the mapped domain (still a sub site) for users to sign up there directly.

    How do I get the welcome email to contain the correct link? One of the sites send a confirmation email that works, while this newest one does not. The last one I tried worked, even though the user was not first added to the network (added through the Add New User menu on the site).

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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