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  • Plugin Author Tom Morton


    Yes! If you see the contribute section of the socialite github page there are instructions to add a network into the system.

    Once you have done that I would enable it into the plugin. I can help with developing the buttons if you would like. Any other networks you can think of?

    Looking at the extensions currently made I don’t think my javascript skills are up to scratch. I thought there might be an easy way like just adding the js url etc in a config file but it looks like things could get complex.

    Thanks anyway 🙂

    Plugin Author Tom Morton


    I’ll put adding the extensions into my todo list for the next release. I usually release updates at the end of the week. I’ll see if I can work something in.

    Awesome thanks so much in advance

    Great plugin thank you very much. It certainly produces the least load on my site, just what I have been looking for for a long time. I too look forward to having Stumbleupon added.

    Plugin Author Tom Morton


    I haven’t upgraded the social network settings just yet, but I haven’t forgotten!

    I was excited when I saw that an update for wpsocialite is available, but disappointed that it still doesn’t include Stumbleupon.
    Please add SU and maybe reddit


    Plugin Author Tom Morton


    I’ll make my main focus for next release more social networks.

    that’s good to know, thanks.

    what’s the estimated release date? 🙂

    Plugin Author Tom Morton



    I usually push updates on the weekends, though adding new social networks might take a bit more time. Probably next week or the week after, depending on my workload.

    Appreciate your patience.

    sounds great, thanks for the quick reply and I’m looking forward for the update. Enjoy your weekend


    I thought you will add stumbleupon/more networks along with this update :\

    Plugin Author Tom Morton


    Apologies for the delay liviuf, but I’ve finally added stumbleupon!

    I would like you to beta test it. You can download the beta version from here: Unzip that and replace your current wpsocialite folder inside the wp-content/plugins folder. Then you can activate Stumbleupon in the admin area.

    Give me any feedback and if it works well I’ll merge it into the main plugin.

    Hi Tom

    Firstly, love your plugin. It really is the best out there and has helped get my site load time right down.

    I came across this post as I am desperate to add stumble and installed your BETA version.

    On our site (where we have no problem with the current repository version) the plugin lost the lazy load on hover. If I click on the icons I am taken to the FB/Twitter/G+ or Stumble share page in a new window.

    If you want to see what I am speaking of you can check out how it is working on our staging site HERE

    Again – amazing plugin and if you have any questions for me that will help you take the plugin further I’d be happy to help


    Plugin Author Tom Morton



    Sorry to hear it isn’t working. The issue is with how GIT submodules are handled on Github. Essentially, the library (Socialite.js) did not come with the ZIP file I linked above. My fault, doh!

    Good news is StumbleUpon is out of beta and I’m going to be pushing an update this morning. Hang tight for a half hour or so and you’ll see the update come through. I’ll also update this post when it happens.

    I would delete wpsocialite-develop from your current site as well and reinstall the fresh copy once it is released.

    Glad you like the plugin, hope this helps!


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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