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  • Hi!

    My question is quite simple, and I guess will start appearing more and more as people use more and more this new feature introduced with 2.9:

    I have a running blog with more than 100 articles using the_post_thumbnail. Today I would like to introduce a new page template to my theme, using the_post_thumbnail, but with image sizes different than the ones I have been using today.

    It’s going to work well with newly written articles, where the new size will be created automatically after I add that new line to my functions.php file, but how do I create new sizes for all the previous articles already published? Is there a way to do it quickly?


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  • Everything you need to know about WordPress 2.9’s post image feature

    in that tutorial towards the bottom is a plugin for getting old images for thumbnails. Dunno if that does what you want.

    Or you could just set a default thumbnail for posts without a thumbnail….that’s the route I went….I wasn’t real concerned about what the thumbnail was (I just used my logo as default) I just wanted something there to preserve the layout for all posts

    This plugin could do the trick. I will have a look at it. Thank you!

    Turns out it is not exactly what I was looking for. The default logo would do it, but is there really no solution to that problem?

    There is no way, no SQL query to play for example, that would create all these missing thumbnails at once?

    Thanks for your help!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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