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  • N3RI


    Hey there,
    I’m N3RI and I have a social site: It is the Latin American version of the European site

    I asked you to put it on the sociable list of sites, but you didn’t. That’s OK, maybe the site is not big enough to be on the list.
    So, I added my site to sociable plugin just like you tell here: and I gave it to my users, so they can add it to their blogs. But…
    … every time you upgrade the sociable plugin, it overwrite the edited sociable.php file and my site disappears.

    Can you make this plugin to avoid that? Maybe if you create a separated file to add our own social sites, instead of adding it directly to “$sociable_known_sites = Array(” ?

    Maybe a second $sociable_known_sites array, on other file.

    Thank you very much.

    I hope you understand my english.

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  • softcleaner


    I totally agree with that idea! I tried to do it myself, but no success at all.

    Maybe creating the default known websites array in the plugin php file (like now) and a second optional file called something like “custom_sites.php”, which we could add customized websites. This array (if exists) would be merged with the $sociable_known_sites array.

    Joost de Valk


    Added a solution for this in version 3.4, read this post on how to add a site to Sociable from now on.

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