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  1. monebud
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Help me please.

    I'm setting up a few different blog sites. I'm creating the blogs via Hostgator. I've tried to add a new site through one blog but when I view the new site that I've created it opens as the other blog.

    So, let's say my inital blog is yellow.com
    and my 2nd blog is red.com
    When I Add a New site in red.com via Super Admin > Sites
    then view the new site that I've created, it opens yellow.com, meaning that it has been created as yellow.com

    I can't figure out why it's doing this and I'm not sure what other information to supply. I'm new to blogging and I really need some help.

    Please help me.

  2. So, let's say my inital blog is yellow.com
    and my 2nd blog is red.com

    No, when you create a second blog it will be either one of thwo formats:

    - cerulean.yellow.com
    - yellow.com/orange/

    Because you had to pick the format for new blog on install, and the add new site clearly indicates what kind of new blog you;re getting.

    if you want red.com (a fully qualified domain name, or Top Level Domain) then you need to create a blog as above, then domain map it with this plugin:


  3. monebud
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Thanks for your help Andrea_r, I'm sorry but I didn't explain myself too well. It's actually the 3rd blog I have trouble with.
    It's probably easier if I show you.

    The 1st blog is:
    I created this via hostgator

    The 2nd blog is:
    I created this via hostgator

    The 3rd blog I created is:
    I created this via makemecashin48.com > Super Admin > Sites

    However, when you open the new blog I've created (the 3rd blog) it has been created with the link http://basetemplate.makemecashin48.com/ BUT it displays as Treatment for Anxiety Disorder - both on the tab and on the page.

    I'm going to go through all the information you sent me and hopefully I'll find the answer there. However, if you think of another reason why I'm having this problem can you please let me know?


  4. I know exactly what's wrong.

    The subdomain sites are pointing to your main domain becasue your host has the wildcard subdomain record pointing to the main domain of your web account. They likely will not move it and you cannot use a subdomain set up on add on domains. (again, a limitation of shared hosting).

    Move http://makemecashin48.com/ to be the primary domain for that account. Then the subdomain will work.

    If you do not want to move it, then change that multisite install to a subfolder setup.

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