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    I am actually using ver 3.1 but on one of my blogs the add new post area is missing the custom areas and instead has a Video area .. which I am not even sure what it does.

    I have attached a screen shot .. but anyone got any idea what is going on here .. it’s kinda annoying
    screenshot here

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  • BTW .. it is the exact same in EDIT posts .. the HTML ends fine it is not cut off anywhere.

    I have seen other posts with similar problems from a search, but most were closed and none had solutions, all others were not the same issue as I have.

    Thanks for any help.


    No one got any idea what could be causing this?

    A Plugin? I don’t have any admin plugins or video plugins.

    It’s either a plugin, or strange theme configuration.

    Switch themes first, and test.

    After that, kill ALL plugins and test.

    Since that is not a feature even included with WP, it has to be related to one of the other two

    So I did that trouble shooting ( I had tried some plugins )

    Default WP Theme and ALL Plugins disabled = Same screen without the Add Video to post section.

    Turns out that the Add Video part is created by my theme which is a Kreative Theme called BrightSky1.1

    Any other ideas ?

    I was half hoping it to be the Theme or a Plugin, now I am a bit worried.

    I am Beta Testing bleeding cutting edge .. but my other WP blog that I have that set to is fine!

    Anyone got any ideas on this for me ?

    It means I am missing out on some functionality.

    I may have to back up and reinstall everything.

    I feel officially stupid now ..

    it’s the screen options mode .. fixes everything and it all shows up again .. and i was just about to do a clean install. phew !

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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