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  • Sometimes, when editing a post the entire page will suddenly vanish except for the row of text editing buttons, which will move to the top of the page. Everything else is gone.

    Using FireFox 3.0.5

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  • If you deactivate all plugins does the problem persist?

    I deactivated all of my plugins and tried a post. It went blank as before.

    So then I shut down FF, then restarted it, and tried another post. That seemed to fix the problem.

    Then I restarted all of my plugins and tried a post. It still worked.

    Then I restarted FF. And it still worked.

    That doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.


    it worked for a while. but after a few minutes of random browsing, my next post failed (all plugins enabled, etc). i’ll have to try it with all of them disabled for a longer time, to get a true test, i think.

    it looks like everything is working fine now. (fingers crossed)

    i can’t verify it, since the problem was difficult to reproduce, but it looks like deleting all of my disabled plugins might have fixed the problem.

    again, fingers crossed.


    it’s back.

    What is FF?

    FF = FireFox

    i think FF is the problem, actually. restarting FireFox seems to fix the problem temporarily – i can post again. but, after a while, the problem reappears.

    what helped me was deactivating All in One SEO Pack 1.4.7
    all works fine now

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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