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  • This is an odd one, and I’ve been unable to find any info on it.

    Basically, all of my admin pages seem to load a cached version first – a refresh is needed to show the actual current state. For instance, “All Posts” will show only the first few I ever added, until I reload.

    But it’s especially annoying on any “Add New” page, because it will attempt to overwrite the last post or page I published. I first noticed this after the first auto-save: The generated permalink was the same as the previous post I’d made. Sure enough, when I went ahead and published the post (even after editing the permalink to make it unique), it REPLACED the prior post.

    If I let it autosave, then reload the page, it works fine.

    So far I’ve tried disabling all profiles, switching themes, and re-installing WordPress. This problem remained. Does anyone have any suggestions of what might cause this? Even just a point in the right direction will be greatly appreciated.


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