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  • Hi after I input the settings

    Mautic Base URL
    Auth Type 1.0
    Mautic Public Key
    Mautic Secret Key
    Gravity Forms

    When I goto match a Mautic Form with a Gravity Form the ‘Add New’ page in WP Admin stays blanlk, if I do not enter the Mautic Base URL then the above page loads,

    I have installed Mautics own plugin using the same Base URL and it works fine. If I use any other URL version (s or / etc) then when I save from WordPress I get redirected to a Mautic 404 error

    Any ideas as I’d love yo be able to use Gravity Forms Surveys to populate Mautic

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  • I ran into the same issue.

    Fix was to use the Mautic Oauth 2.0 instead of the 1.0 version (referring to the API creation in Mautic).

    Also, found on the forums that the “base url” should NOT include the trailing slash.

    Fixed the issue for me. Good Luck!

    Very good tips @myl3s!
    I also had the error with the blank page and with his tips the plugin worked!
    Thank you!

    If you’ve got a working installation, please post what versions you have for WP, Mautic and the plugin.

    Thanks in advance.

    The error has returned! Anyone know what happens with this plugin?
    I solve that creating a new API credential in Mautic and reconfiguring the plugin. After that, it worked well again.

    I think everytime you update mautic you have to make new keys and authenticate… not sure why they are invalidated.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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