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  1. paul.contreras
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Im wondering how to install a Ninetendo Emulator on my wordpress. I have the nes.jar file and mario brothers game. However, I am not sure exactly where and how to put the code so it plays off my site. The code i have is.

    <div class="homecontent">
    			<div class="item">
    				<div class="forcemid">
    				<p align="center">
    					<applet archive="http://pacontreras.com/wp-content/themes/gamepress/vNES_215.jar" code="vNES.class" height="480" width="512">
    						<param name="rom" value="http://pacontreras.com/wp-content/themes/gamepress/NES-UM.zip" />
    						<param name="sound" value="" />
    						<param name="stereo" value="" />
    						<param name="scanlines" value="" />
    						<param name="scale" value="on" />
    						<param name="fps" value="off" />
    						<param name="p1_up" value="" />
    						<param name="p1_down" value="" />
    						<param name="p1_left" value="" />
    						<param name="p1_right" value="" />
    						<param name="p1_a" value="" />
    						<param name="p1_b" value="" />
    						<param name="p1_start" value="" />
    						<param name="p1_select" value="" />
    						<param name="p2_up" value="" />
    						<param name="p2_down" value="" />
    						<param name="p2_left" value="" />
    						<param name="p2_right" value="" />
    						<param name="p2_a" value="" />
    						<param name="p2_b" value="" />
    						<param name="p2_start" value="" />
    						<param name="p2_select" value="" />

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    Thank you in advance.

  2. bythegram
    Posted 3 years ago #

    How's your coding? Maybe write a plugin/shortcode that would give you the option of filename?


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