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    When you click on the small image on my portfolio page and it takes you to the page with the larger image, I’d like to be able to display multiple images of the same project. I saw this on one of the PP example sites, where the images align vertically. I’d really appreciate if somebody could help me with this. I’m a total newbie! Thank you!

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  • When using ‘add new portfolio item’, from the bottom of menu on the right side, upload a picture which is both- a thumbnail picture and a first picture on the new page.
    To add more pics on the page, just ‘add media’ – the button is above the main window. Now upload some graphic/ pics. When the new pics appear, you can add also some additional title and other stuff- (menu on the right) but what is more important – choose how the picture will works on the page. You can upload next pics just using ‘ad media’ button.

    Hope this is usfull.

    Ranager, thank you so much for your response! I’m still not getting the look I want though. What happens is when I select ‘add media’, the new image appears as a small expandable thumbnail below the large image. What I would like is to have the images the same size, stacked vertically like this example:
    Maybe the problem lies within the Attachment Display Settings menu (for the new image) you pointed out? For the ‘Link To’ menu, I have ‘Media File’ selected. Not sure what that means.
    Anyway, I feel like I’m close and I’d appreciate any additional help. Thanks!

    No problem.
    Ok, I can see 2 reasons why your thumbnail is too small.
    1. When you select ‘add media’, choose the image you want and then on the right you need to check 2 menus. In the first one (attachment menu), you can change an option of the way the image appears on your site. If you want to have the effect as on the site, you should select a ‘media file’ (the first in the ‘attachment menu’). Then choose dimensions of your thumbnail from the second menu (this menu is below the first one). It should be the dimension you want to appear.
    2. Ensure the media files (images) are preapared for the site. To have the same dimensions on the site, all the files should be the same width. For example, the pics on are 626px width. Both! That’s quite good dimension for the pics for your site.
    When you got what I wrote above, it should work exactly as you want.
    p.s. I work on a Polish language version of WordPress so the names of menus and all the buttons I wrote about could be slightly different cause this is my translation (thats why I explained the position of those buttons;)

    Thank you so much for your help! I didn’t know there was a drop down menu where I could select the size of the image. Anyway, I followed your instructions and they worked. I’m very grateful!



    How do I align 3 photos (300px wide each) horizontally in one line (with individual links to 3 other pages), (without editing code) to the Home page with text content below on the next line? Why is WordPress page layout tools so limiting. This is the most basic and common on any page layout software.

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