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    I just came across your plugin and LOVE it! The look is amazing and so is the functionality.

    I have 7 slideshows on my site that I want to change over to your plug in. I got the settings to my liking on a private slideshow, and am ready to go through and add images to each of the new slideshows. Problem is that I have 50, 60, 70+ images in some of my slideshows. It is a bit tedious to go through an add 400+ images to various slideshows, especially since I will have to search for the majority of them. Only the most recent 15 or so images come up in the “Image Slide” box even after I click “Load More Results”

    Is there a way to link the images from a post, or media gallery elsewhere, or a way to bulk upload images right into the slideshow?

    Thank you!!! Thank you! Thank you!

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    I’m sorry, there’s no easier way to insert images into a slideshow at the moment. Version 2.3.0 of the slideshow will change this by using the WordPress 3.5 image uploader, but it may very well be weeks before I’m able to release this version.

    Does the ‘Load more results’ button not work on your website?

    Best regards,

    Thanks for the heads up! No problem. I will look forward to the update. If that update is coming I am definitely sticking with it even if it will take me forever to add the image, Ha!

    The Load MOre Results button is clickable but it does not seem to load more results and disappears after I click it.

    Plugin Author Stefan Boonstra


    It sounds like there are some JavaScript problems then, if the button disappears without loading more results. It could be that there’s a conflict with another plugin on the slideshow page.

    Do you see any JavaScript errors on the page? You can look for JavaScript errors by opening the console in Firefox (when using Firefox, you’ll need to install Firebug) or Chrome. You can open the console by right-clicking on the page and choosing ‘Inspect element’ (Chrome), or ‘Inspect element with Firebug’ (Firefox). Errors show in the ‘Console’ tab.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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