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  • I have added Microsoft Stream as an oEmbed provider in my theme with

     * Add Stream oEmbed provider
    wp_oembed_add_provider( 'https://**', '' );

    which looks correct according to what Microsoft documents. However, when I paste a Stream URL into the document the Embed block popus up and indicates “Sorry this content could not be embedded” and displays my URL in the text field along with a Try again or Conver to link button. What gives? How can I troubleshoot whether the incorrect info is being passed to MS oEmbed endpoint, incorrect response is being returned from MS oEmbed endpoint, or MS has some permissions thing that is mucking stuff up?

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  • Moderator bcworkz


    See if you can learn anything about the transaction through your browser’s network developer tool.

    To investigate further, you could temporarily hack the WP_oEmbed class source code (wp-includes/class-wp-oembed.php) to add debug output, much as you’d do to debug your own code. I don’t fully understand the oEmbed interaction, but the fetch() or discover() class methods look like good starting places.

    Make a backup of the file before you start hacking so it can easily be restored. We’re not supposed to alter core code, but doing so temporarily as part of a debugging effort is OK.

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