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  • Why is it that WordPress version 3.1 won’t allow the Add Movie icon when you do a post?? There is no way now that you can insert a movie or video into your post. Even when you use a URL, it only shows up as a link! WordPress needs to KEEP the same options we had in the older versions!

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  • All you should need is the URL.

    Paste in whatever and it should magically convert.

    Is that not working?

    I have tried that and it does not work. The link appears but it takes you to the YouTube site.

    Before the WordPress version 3.1, I could click the Add Movie icon when doing a post, add the URL there, and the actual video would appear in my post. Now, that Add Movie icon isn’t even there as an option, and WordPress says it will add it in the future – but how long do we have to wait?? I wish there was a way to CONTACT and get a reply back from them.

    Thanks for your help though, Ipstenu!

    I still have the add movie icon…… Just checked 3 sites on 3.1… unless I am misunderstanding? The 4 icons right? Above the editor… image video audio media?

    NO, it is the toolbar above where you write a post that has everything from font size to right, left, center, justification, etc. The icon itself is like a green 2 frame film strip.

    I have the icon in my SETTINGS, but in my toolbars on the add post, it is NOT there, and I cannot figure out why. I have tried moving it in settings and saving it, but nothing seems to work.

    oops…jumped the gun , my mistake

    Does the upload/insert video option above the toolbar not work the same?

    Honest question, I do not use the feature

    No, the upload/insert video above the toolbar only allows you to add a URL, and when you do that, only the LINK appears, not the actual video.

    My Add Movie worked grand for a long time UNTIL WordPress version 3.1
    Now it does not work or appear at all.

    OK, I see the difference I believe… that button was for embeds, which really is built into WP now

    Have you tested with all plugins inactive? I have a variety of embeds in my personal blog off youtube and other sites, all functioning perfectly (I had forgotten I tried this out earlier on the beta)

    If you wish to check out the feature…. but it really should be working….

    I will look into your embed code, but I miss Add Movie since it was so simple to use. I am using Tiny MCE Advanced plugin.

    When you look at the description of WordPress Version 3.1, it says the following about a 1/4 down:

    (No video yet for 3.1, we’re going to add it later.)

    My question is, WHY did they eliminate it in the first place??? It was there for all other versions, but now not 3.1

    Does anyone know how I can contact WordPress via email?? I have looked everywhere and can’t find any contact information.

    Like you, I missed the embedded video button right off the bat after upgrading to v3.1. I am going to revert back to v3.0.5 tonight when I get a chance to look at this.

    I don’t think that you can contact the ‘collective’ via e-mail…

    This worked for me:

    get the previous version you were running, then unzip it … copy everything but the wp-content folder to where ever your WP folder/files are … and when you go to open your site-admin it may tell you it needs to do a database update click ok to that and bam every thing is back up and running.

    I successfully reverted to 3.0.5 and have my video embedding functions back again. No problems so far.

    Phew thanks for this, my client was going ballistic. The new embed function was a mess; it only worked intermittently, the video overlapped text on the page. Now I’ve reverted to 3.0.5 my client is happy but we are now stuck with an out of date version, not good.

    Does anyone have any idea when WP will fix their embed function, or allow the old Tiny MCE button to be used? This seems to be a pretty serious situation.

    It now appears that as of yesterday, not even putting a link in a post tends to work! Before, I was able to put a link in a post draft, and when I previewed it, the actual video box would show up in the post so you could play the video right there on your blog page. Now that doesn’t even work!
    What in the world is WordPress doing to us??????

    At least, WP should have told us about the dissapearence of the video button beforer making us update! I am having very serious problems as I used swf files quite often. Whay are you doing it to us? Please, MAKE SOMETHING! IT’S SOMETHING IMPORTANT!

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