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  • One for the suggestion box…

    It would be great if there was an option on the Dashboard comment review (particularly on the spam review section) to automatically add the commenter’s IP address to the Comment Blacklist. Currently, the only way I know of doing this is to manually copy the IP address of the spammer, go to Settings-Discussion, scroll down to the Comments Blacklist, and paste the IP in. Not so bad when there’s only one comment. But take a few days off from checking the spam filter and there’s easily many IP’s that need blacklisting which makes this manual method a pain!

    This feature seems a bit rudimentary to ask for, so I can’t help but wonder whether or not I’m doing something I shouldn’t…perhaps I shouldn’t be blacklisting all spam IP’s? I know there are programs out there that can mask or change your IP, so I may be doing this in vein.

    The spam filter does an excellent job at catching the trash that finds my site. It would be nice if we could make this one little extra step for possible future spam prevention.

    On a related note, has there ever been talk of a database of blacklisted IP’s that we could link our sites to?

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  • Over the past few months there have been nearly 1,000 SPAM comments from
    ‘’ directed at various posting titles.
    Thank you. – I get spammed from this IP quite a lot as well.

    Would be great if there was a simple icon next to the IP to add to a blacklist registrar when I click it. I’m surprised that this is not an inbuilt feature of wordpress. All I can do for the moment is to manually add it to the WP-Ban plugin.

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